About our Founder

Carl Rusca - President/CEO

Carl founded Grandforms, Inc in 1973 after a successful career with UARCO. Seeing the need for flexibility for his clients, Carl developed Grandforms Inc, as an independent forms distributorship. His selling, customer service skills and business experience, led to the growth of Grand forms as an industry leader in print management. In 2001, Carl took on the e-commerce frontier with Tom Allen and with his management team, and after 29 years, Grandforms became Grandflow. Carl with Grandflow can now offer his clients web based marketing automation tools in addition to traditional print services. Carl passed away in June of 2020. He will be missed.

A note from our founder
The printing industry has come a long way since Johannes Gutenberg built his first printing press in 1436. It all began with wooden type, and then in 1455 metal type was invented. Printed communication was made affordable to all. Through the years multiple changes and improvements have made the printing industry the most popular way of communicating. Print communication has evolved over the years to also include electronic print communication.

Since our inception in 1973, GRANDFLOW, Inc. has also changed from when it started as Grand Business Forms. Although Main Frame computers were becoming more popular in the business world, manual business forms were still a very important part of every day business communication.

As GRANDFLOW, Inc. we have grown beyond our traditional offering of business forms to include high-end commercial printing, on demand printing, electronic forms and promotional products all through our web based print management system. Our exclusive technology allows you to manage your print communications on line 24/7. We customize our system to fit your needs in a user-friendly environment that will lower your costs and help your business become more efficient.

Our company is committed to providing you with premium service and products that exceed your expectations.

- Carl Rusca

Our Executive Team