Grandflow’s Common Ground web portal technology delivers digital asset cataloging, company e-stores, mail list generation and procurement of print, on-demand and promotional ad specialty items within a single web platform. Our ease-of-use tools and internet technology offer the best in procurement automation with efficiencies in

We will create a portal where you can maintain and procure print, digital and promotional materials with the friendliest technology around. And the web interface is brandable giving it a company’s unique look and feel.
  • lower the cost of procurement transactions
  • order custom imprintable products and eliminate typesetting
  • catalog digital assets such as forms, Microsoft Office documents, pdfs, images, more 
  • reinforce brand with company e-stores and product showrooms
  • real-time, 24/7 team access to up-to-date and current materials

Benefit from a "common cart" solution to procure company business cards, forms and marketing materials or showcase products in a company store. Maintain corporate control and preserve brand identity through managed product repositories and features such as manager order approval and cost center/charge back designation. Standard functionality including simple category navigation, quick search, multiple image views and order history support the online ordering experience. And our variable on-demand program enables you to customize corporate business documents and marketing collateral with ability to view a proof instantly. Document template forms auto-fill with stored profile data to eliminate typesetting expense, reduce errors and speed ordering.

Whether it's a small company catalog or enterprise product marketplace, our talented development team will build a dynamic, private storefront with company brand appeal where employees can browse product catalogs and securely place online orders. Orders can be processed with credit card payment or cost center designation. And since charge back allocations are recorded at the order level, transaction detail is available to assist with accounting reconciliation.

 Efficient, effective, engaging and easy to learn. Experience E'ase with Common Ground.