Document Management

What is Document Management? I bet if you asked this question to the industry you would receive many unique and interesting responses. At Grandflow, our view of Document Management is complete procurement control with workflow automation. A simple storefront for maintaining and procuring your company’s key document and business materials makes ordering warehoused materials easier by allowing customers to place orders without interfacing with a customer service representative.

In a nutshell, Grandflow manages your print procurement and becomes your production partner and warehouse.

  • A complete Workflow Analysis. We roll up our sleeves, come in and see what your current procurement model is, and how we can improve on it, and develop the workflow portals that are specific to your company.
  • Utilize Portals to catalog and define the documents in your enterprise, printed and electronic.
  • Keep your procurement model in an E-Workflow, reducing or eliminating paper based workflow.
  • Analyze and Redesign Documents based on redundancy, if you have 3 documents that can be combines into one, we will recommend it and do it. Or eliminate a document and make it an e-form.
  • Warehouse and Fulfill to your cost centers from e-procurement requests.
  • Track and Attach all transactional data with client specific GL codes or other identifiers that will streamline the accounting cycle.
  • Dynamic Reporting and Graphing of document usage to show trends and the management of your documents by our sales experts.
  • End of Period Accounting Automation utilizing XML or other data formats interfacing with your legacy systems.